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Dance Factory Ridgefield and Savatara Corporation Present

Winter Showcase

Sunday December 10, 2023


Live from

The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT

All proceeds benefit the Susan Vallo Memorial Dance Scholarship Program

Executive Artistic Director:

Kristin Leggio Sedita

Original Choreography & Coaching:

Lauren Barrett

Lauren Barrett

Brianna Gitnik

Mickey Lonsdale

Peter Nevin

Kristin Leggio Sedita

Karlie Lynn Zabin

Production Crew:

Dawn Teczar - Costume Steamer Extraordinaire a

Dennis Sedita - The incredible man behind the magic (and behind the Director)

Backstage Management Goddesses

Brianna Gitnik


Arianna Danzig 

Maggie Haber

Kendra Negron

Karlie Lynn Zabin

The Divine Klein Team

Head Carpenter/The All Knowing:

Alex Dunn

Lighting Technician/Genius:

Everett Rende

Sound Technician/Magician:

Tom Ivan

She who makes all things happen:

Jeanette Zygmunt

The best Facility Manager on the planet, and our dear friend:

Fred Sailer

Executive Director and beloved champion of the Arts:

Laurence Caso


Thank you all for sharing your beautiful home with us, and for putting your heart and soul into our productions year after year.


Part I

Excerpts from DFR's 2023 Production of

The Nutcracker

Original Choreography & Coaching:


Brianna Gitnik

Peter Nevin

Kristin Leggio Sedita

Karlie Lynn Zabin

Cast in order of Appearance:

Clara Stahlbaum - Mila Polak

Loiuse Stahlbaum - Reese Beardslee

Best Friends  - Kelly Gallagher, Brynn McCarthy, Olivia Geluso

Party Guests - Ana Bazan, Lucy Gimigliano, Ava Maucieri

Soldier Doll - Mia Gimigliano

Harlequin Doll - Shannon Rush

Columbine Doll - Eleanor Jones

Arabian Coffee

Rex Bonita - Arabian Princess

Coffee - Willow Bradford,  Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher, Natalie Gilbert, Mia Gimigliano,

Ava Kirsch, Kayla Scatterday, Bella Schwartz


Reese Beardslee, Olivia Geluso, Ana Bazan, Lucy Gimigliano, Ava Maucieri

Spanish Chocolate

Ava Kirsch - Spanish Princess

Chocolate - Una Bellotti, Brooke Carretta, Kelly Gallagher, Brynn McCarthy, Naima Millar, Alexa Rubinfeld,

Julia Verses, Ella Vick


Willow Bradford, Mia Gimigliano, Bella Schwartz

Russian Trepak

Olivia Flavin, Kayla Scatterday

Sugarplum Fairy

Natalie Gilbert

Chinese Tea

Brooke Carretta, Ella Vick - Chinese Princesses

Tea - Ashley Armstrong, Emma Beardslee, Eden Hulme, Misha Polak, Maya Spivak, Bridget White


Rex Bonita

Fairy Pas de Trios

Natalie GIlbert  - Sugarplum Fairy

Willow Bradford - Snow Queen

Kayla Scatterday - Dew Drop Fairy


If you wish to see the entire 2023 Production of The Nutcracker,

you may purchase the Livestream HERE

The Livestream replays until Dec 17th

Part II

A celebration of the Winter Holidays through all styles of dance!

It's the Most Wonderful Time

Of the Year!

Carol of The Bells

Choreography - Mickey Lonsdale


Francesca Catalano, Gia Ligouri, Brynn McCarthy, Naima Millar, MIla Polak



Choreography - Brianna Gitnik


Abigail O'Reilly, Dahlia Rudd, Violet Sendor, Julia Verses


Santa Tell Me

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig


Petite Hip Hop Crew

Eden Hulme, Madeline Libby, Maya Spivak, Emilia Towne, Lucy Verses, Bridget White

Petite Elite Hip Hop Crew

Reese Beardslee, Cece Butzbaugh, Sophia DeMain, Olivia Geluso, Lucy Gimigliano, Misha Polak, Fiona Trainer



Silent Night

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig


Ariella Avon-Squerciati, Carly Hampson, Hadley Cacace, Kaylie McMillan, Francesca Ross, Charlie Rothman,

Ella Cerasuolo, Lila Sparks


Run Run RudolphS

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig


Violet Ballos, Maeve Grant,Madelyn Holloway, Aviva Krichovsky, Jiya Mehta, Ava Santoro, Esther Shafer,

Emma Stadnyk, Pippa Starbuck


Frosty the Snowman

Choreography  - Kristin Leggio Sedita


Kaylie Avon-Squerciati, Siena Campbell, Kinsely Carlucci, Maddie Dutra, Katie LeBris, Augustina Ross,

Leyton Schuchard, Regan Taylor


Good King Wenceslas

Choreography - Mickey Lonsdale


Ashley Armstrong, Madeline Libby, Kaylynn Lownes, Misha Polak Ruby Randle Venn, Emilia Towne, Lucy Verses


Once Upon a December

Choreography - Brianna Gitnik


Lucy Gimigliano, Eden Hulme, Winter Werndorfer


Jingle Bell Rock

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig & Taylor Jane Bobay


Junior Hip Hop Crew

Una Bellotti, Brooke Carretta, Kelly Gallagher, Naima Millar, Mila Polak, Alexa Rubinfeld, Ella Vick

Teen & Senior Hip Hop Crew

Rex Bonita, Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher, Mia Gimigliano, Eleanor Jones, Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier, Skyler Mendez, Shannon Rush, Kayla Scatterday, Bella Schwartz, Katie Swiatowicz, Audrey Wark

Also Featuring

Amelie Bluhm & Natalie Gilbert


Candy Cane Lane

Choreography  - Kristin Leggio Sedita


Sarah Alperovich, Emma Beardslee, Whitney Cacace, Emily Cook-Ibero, Lina Golovyan, Ava Goodrich,

Abigail Lake, Abigail Lebowitz, April Leopold, Kristen McMillan, Avery Noonan, Zoe Rossov,

Claire Runk, Kayla Zullo


Winter Wonderland

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig


Cricket Breen, Ava Brent, Maggie Cosgrove, Callie Doucette, Emmalyn Irvine, Ava Maucieri,

May Mercer, Ava Mosteanu, Emily Pomeroy, Clarissa Pulice, Cecilia Saltus, Audrey Tomaszewski,

Fiona Trainer, Olivia Walden

Hippopotamus for Christmas

Choreography - Mickey Lonsdale


Stella Riordan, Margarita Wolfsberger


Choreography - Ava Geller


Teen Company

Eleanor Jones, Skyler Mendez, Donya Royaee, Shannon Rush, Katie Swiatowicz,

White Winter

Choreography - Karlie Lynn Zabin


Una Bellotti, Cricket Breen, Brooke Carretta, Maggie Cosgrove, Kelly Gallagher, Emily Pomeroy

Alexa Rubinfeld, Julia Verses, Ella Vick

Snow Angel

Choreography - Brianna Gitnik


Willow Bradford, Natalie Gilbert, Gia Liguori, Gabby Tuttle, Audrey Wark

Heaven I Know

Choreography - Lauren Barrett


Senior Company

Rex Bonita, Avery Costigan, Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher, Mia Gimigliano,  Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier,

Kayla Scatterday, Bella Schwartz

You're A  Mean One Mr Grinch

Choreography  - Arianna Danzig


April Leopold, Evelyn Swan, Kayla Zullo

Christmas Tree Farm

Choreography  - Kristin Leggio Sedita


Cece Bitzbaugh, Sophia DeMain, Ava Mosteanu, Ruby Randle Venn, Ceclilia Saltus,

Catherine Schernecke, Anna Viktoria Wolfsberger


Head and Heart

Choreography  - Kristin Leggio Sedita


Petite Company

Reese Beardslee, Olivia Geluso, Misha Polak, Maya Spivak, Bridget White

A Hand for Mrs Claus

Choreography  - Kristin Leggio Sedita


Junior Company

Una Bellotti, Brooke Carretta, Naima Millar, Mila Polak, Alexa Rubinfeld

Julia Verses, Ella Vick

How Will I Know

Choreography - Brianna Gitnik


Teen & Senior Company

Rex Bonita, Avery Costigan, Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher, Mia Gimigliano, Eleanor Jones, Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier, Skyler Mendez, Donya Royaee, Shannon Rush, Kayla Scatterday, Bella Schwartz, Katie Swiatowicz,




A Note From the Director:

I am so very grateful to everyone who helped to bring our 2023 Winter Showcase to the stage, and for the amazing DFR Dance Parents who juggle schedules and move mountains to ensure their dancers make it to their many classes and rehearsals.


Thank you all from the bottom of my very full heart.

We are beyond overjoyed to have our beloved Miss Brianna back !!

Please join me in celebrating her incredible journey overcoming GBS, and her triumphant return to

the DFR Family. WE LOVE YOU BRI !!!


The perseverance and dedication of this group of dancers and instructors, is unparalleled.  As is the support and encouragement we have received from our dance family.  There are simply no words to express my gratitude or my love for the incredible DFR community that we have all created together.

To all witnessing this remarkable accomplishment, I hope that you enjoy the performance, and experience the joy that these beautiful dancers hold in their hearts for our divine, beloved art form.


May this beautiful celebration of dance, love and community ignite your holiday season!

Thank you to everyone watching at home and in the theater audience for supporting the Susan Vallo Memorial Dance Scholarship Program. Your contribution will help to proliferate the dream, and honor my Mother's memory in the most personal way possible.

To all of my lovelies - MERDE !!!!

With infinite love and gratitude,


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