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Dance Factory Ridgefield and Savatara Corporation Present

The Nutcracker

Saturday December 10, 2022



Sunday December 11, 2022


Live from

The Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT

All proceeds benefit the Susan Vallo Memorial Dance Scholarship Program

Executive Artistic Director:

Kristin Leggio Sedita

Original Choreography & Coaching:


The magnificent Peter Nevin,

The grateful Kristin Leggio Sedita,

& The exquisite Karlie Lynn Zabin



Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Digital Backdrop Video Production:

Kristin Leggio Sedita

Production Crew:

Dawn Teczar - Tutu Steamer Extraordinaire a

Kayla Scatterday -  Beloved Director's Assistant

Dennis Sedita - The incredible man behind the magic (and behind the Director)

Backstage Assistants:

Eliza Morris (DFR Alumni)

Kayla Scatterday (DFR Company Dancer)

Sophia Scholl (DFR Alumni)

Lauren Barrett (DFR Instructor)

Arianna Danzig  (DFR Instructor)

Maggie Haber (DFR Instructor)

The Divine Klein Team

Head Carpenter/The All Knowing:

Alex Dunn

Lighting Technician/Genius:

Everett Rende

Sound Technician/Magician:

Tom Ivan

She who makes all things happen:

Jeanette Zygmunt

The best Facility Manager on the planet, and our dear friend:

Fred Sailer

Executive Director and beloved champion of the Arts:

Laurence Caso


Thank you all for sharing your beautiful home with us, and for putting your heart and soul into our productions year after year.


The Cast

​In order of appearance

Domestic Goddesses

Olivia Flavin, Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier, Maddi Rose, Olivia Sonders

The Fabulous Ms. Stahlbaum

Donya Royaee

Clara Stahlbaum

Ella Vick

Louise Stahlbaum

Mila Polak

Clara’s Best Friend

Brooke Carretta

Party Guests

Kristen Beardslee, Peter Nevin, Nicole Riordan

Party Girls

Reese Beardslee, Kelly Gallagher, Olivia Geluso, Brynn McCarthy,  Naima Millar, Allison Prugh,

Alexa Rubinfeld, Julia Verses

Godfather Drosselmeyer

Dennis Sedita


Columbine Doll

Saturday: Kristina Stranik

Sunday: Paige Gallagher

Harlequin Doll

Saturday: Eleanor Jones

Sunday: Skyler Mendez

Soldier Doll

Saturday: Shannon Rush

Sunday: Katie Swiatowicz

Ninja Mice

Ashley Armstrong, Lucia Gimigliano, Ava Maucieri, Misha Polak, Kenzie Polo, Maya Spivak, Bridget White

Mouse Queen's Lieutenants

Olivia Flavin, Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier, Bella Schwartz, Kristina Stranik


Eleanor Jones, Skyler Mendez, Aidan Reed, Shannon Rush, Katie Swiatowicz

Nutcracker Prince/ Cavalier

Saturday: Willow Bradford

Sunday: Maddi Rose

Mouse Queen

Saturday: Ava Geller

Sunday: Julia Signorelli

Snow Queen

Natalie Gilbert

Snow Princesses

Melia Meier, Julia Signorelli

Enchanted Snow Flakes

Willow Bradford, Fiona Conway,  Olivia Flavin, Phoebe Fogerty Bell, Paige Gallagher, Ava Geller,

Eleanor Jones, Skyler Mendez, Angela Pacheco, Maddi Rose,  Donya Royaee, Shannon Rush,

Olivia Sonders, Kristina Stranik, Katie Swiatowicz


Sugarplum Fairy

Saturday: Phoebe Fogerty Bell

Sunday: Angela Pacheco



Mia Gimigliano, Bella Schwartz


Eleanor Jones, Skyler Mendez, Donya Royaee, Shannon Rush, Katie Swiatowicz

Guardian Angels

Addison Amin, Emma Beardslee, Siena Campbell, Emily Cook Ibero, Stella Riordan, Augustina Ross, Claire Runk


Saturday: Willow Bradford, Ava Geller, Angela Pacheco

Saturday Coda: Fiona Conway

Sunday: Willow Bradford, Fiona Conway, Ava Geller

Chinese Princesses

Saturday: Maddi Rose, Julia Signorelli

Sunday: Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher

Chinese Tea

Ashley Armstrong, Lucia Gimigliano, Ava Maucieri, Misha Polak, Kenzie Polo, Maya Spivak, Bridget White

Spanish Princess

Saturday: Ava Kirsch

Sunday: Willow Bradford

Spanish Chocolate

Eleanor Jones, Skyler Mendez,  Aidan Reed, Shannon Rush, Katie Swiatowicz

Arabian Princess

Saturday: Angela Pacheco

Sunday: Phoebe Fogerty Bell

Sunday Coda: Julia Signorelli

Arabian Coffee

Willow Bradford, Fiona Conway, Ava Geller, Natalie Gilbert,



Gingerbread Cookies

Reese Beardslee, Brooke Carretta, Olivia Geluso, Mila Polak


Reese Beardslee, Kelly Gallagher, Olivia Geluso, Brynn McCarthy,  Naima Millar, Allison Prugh, Alexa Rubinfeld, Julia Verses

Russian Trepak

Saturday: Fiona Conway, Olivia Sonders

Sunday: Phoebe Fogerty-Bell, Olivia Sonders



Dew Drop Fairy

Saturday: Ava Geller

Sunday: Fiona Conway

Flower Princesses

Ava Kirsch, Melia Meier


Enchanted Flowers

 Avery Costigan, Olivia Flavin, Paige Gallagher, Mia Gimigliano, Bella Schwartz, Julia Signorelli, Kristina Stranik


A Note From the Director:

I am so very grateful to everyone who helped to bring our 2022 Nutcracker to the stage, and for the amazing DFR Dance Parents who juggle schedules and move mountains to ensure their dancers make it to their many ballet classes and rehearsals.


Thank you all from the bottom of my very full heart.

Over the past six months, there have been many changes and emotional circumstances within the DFR Family. Our Company dancers have not only faced these challenges with grace, but have utilized them as a means to expand and grow exponentially. I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

We are so very fortunate to welcome two tremendously talented artists, Peter Nevin and Karlie Lynn Zabin, to the Ballet Faculty this year. Their contributions to the 2022 Nutcracker, and to the studio, are transcendent. You continue to exceed all expectations, supporting and manifesting my vision, and boldly elevating the world class education we provide at DFR with so much passion. I look forward to creating side by side with both of you for many years to come.


The perserverence and dedication of this group of dancers and instructors, is unparalleled.  As is the support and encouragement we have received from our dance family.  There are simply no words to express my gratitude or my love for the incredible DFR community that we have created together.

To all witnessing this remarkable accompishment, I hope that you enjoy the performances, and experience the joy that these beautiful dancers hold in their hearts for our divine, beloved art form.


May the love, beauty, magic, and celebration of global community that dance, and this time honored ballet, truly stand for, ignite your holiday season!

Thank you to everyone watching at home and in the theater audience for supporting the Susan Vallo Memorial Dance Scholarship Program. Your contribution will help to proliferate the dream, and honor my Mother's memory in the most personal way possible.

To all of my lovelies - MERDE !!!!

With infinite love and gratitude,


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