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Ballet is a very skilled and artistic dance form, with carefully planned movements executed with a mastery of muscle and body control. It is nearly impossible to define, however it is most certainly the foundation of all technical dance.  Having solid Ballet technique will enhance and improve a dancers's execution of every other dance style. It is highly recommended for all dancers.

At DFR we focus on proper body alignment, posture, and building solid ballet technique, while inspiring self discipline,  self confidence, and creativity in a positive, supportive environment.

Our Ballet classes range from Beginnger to Advanced Ballet and Pointe. 

The Intermediate and Advanced ballet classes will also include iconic ballet variations from classical ballets.

Each Ballet class will participate in our annual production of The Nutcracker.  Auditions for lead roles in Nutcracker will be held in September.

Click here for more information about Nutcracker

Class Attire:

Girls - Each Ballet level has a required color and style leotard which should be purchased through the Dance Factory Store online. All classes require ballet pink tights and ballet slippers and hair in a neat bun.

Boys - Black dance pants, white t-shirt, black ballet slippers

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