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Friendship, freedom, and a sense of belonging  may come easy to some.  For children on the spectrum, these are things that, at times, may seem unachievable.  Within our walls, no goal is left unexplored, no dream left unreached.


Some of the most extraordinary people to ever grace the planet have viewed the world through extraordinary eyes, and their gifts have been some of the greatest known to mankind. At DFR we recognize and celebrate these incredible individuals

DFR's Kaleidoscope Creative Movement and Dance program provides a safe, inviting environment designed for your child  to freely explore the joy and love of music and dance, while building friendships, pesonal freedom, and self confidence. 

Expression and exploration of music and dance are not reserved for a select group.  They are to be enjoyed and loved by all who wish to embrace them. 


Kaleidoscope classes are lead by certified behavior specialists who have a unique understanding of your child's needs. 


Our Mentor program pairs experienced dancers with Kaleidoscope students, further enhancing the experience for both parties.  The rewards on both sides are truly immeasurable. 

Given the personalized nature of these classes,  they are not available for online registration.  Please contact us today to discuss the Kaleidoscope classes best suited for your child.

Kaleidoscope classes occur on Saturdays.

While we truly wish that we could accommodate every child on the spectrum, some sensory sensitivities may restrict enrollment.   Most importantly, severe sound sensitivity, since our programs incorporate music both played via speakers, and created by our students on musical instruments. 


Then again, many children who find difficulty expressing themselves in traditional ways, will find their voice in dance and music, and we very much want to help them find that voice.

We look forward to the opportunity to explore the possibilities with you.

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