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Live well....Be Well...Namaste

D&F is the boutique, personalized, group fitness division of Dance Factory Ridgefield.


Our philosophy is that being fit, includes all disciplines and a circular perspective inclusive of mind, body, and spirit.


We believe in a well rounded exercise regimen and lifestyle which ultimately results in longevity, and has a positive impact on ones overall health. Our programs promote this through our weekly group fitness and wellness classes.


Morning classes are offered in Vinyasa Yoga, as well as full body, and targeted workouts to help you start your day feeling positive, centered, and accomplished.


D&F is a welcoming, safe environment that focuses on empowering women, creating lasting friendships and holding each other accountable to a healthy lifestyle.


We are not only working on our own journey, but encourage, and support other women in their pursuit of their health and wellness goals.

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